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Living Life, or Merely Existing?

Learn how to re-create each area of your life. Experience a powerful transformation that results when managing correctly the creative energy that sustains the four pillars of your being:

Spiritual, Mental, Emotional, Physical

Steven Weisman M.A., CHPC
Certified High Performance Coach, Energy, and Mastery Coach

Life's challenges are always balanced out by opportunity. I believe it is during these 'necessary' moments that we, both as individuals and as a civilization, experience the most valuable core-transformations.
We are all engaged with the intricacies of life at some level. When life's problems overwhelm you, creating a burden on your life-energy, it is your strategies in response to these situations.
I teach the process of re-qualification of the life-energy in the four pillars of being: Spiritual, Mental, Emotional, and Physical body. Generating vitality in every pillar leads you to experience heightened levels of awareness, connecting you to deeper sources of inspiration, which have aided  men and women excel beyond the norms.
I have prepared myself for decades to face life challenges, and therefore be congruent with the opportunities that are created in the process. I do this by passionately charging forward towards my dreams and goals; I want to help you do the same through this coaching process.
This exciting journey truly starts when we begin to take responsibility for our decisions, and the outcomes that result from our efforts and beliefs.
Your highest potential begins with developing a courageous heart. Committing to consistently apply the principles and strategies I will teach you will provide you with the knowledge and expertise to live and experience life fully and without regrets.
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"Investing in what truly matters to you increases your heart's rate of return."

Why is coaching relevant to you? ___________________________________________________________________________

• Learn how the most accomplished and influential people THINK

• Learn the # 1 secret you MUST follow to have more INFLUENCE with people

• Learn why most people fail at managing their time and day

• Learn how to define your purpose, get rid of distraction, and FINALLY gain momentum in life

• Learn why you've been so exhausted (redirect your energy and vitality to support your dreams)

• Learn exact strategies to manage your emotions and keep your passions and purpose alive



Yolanda Weisman
Certified Transformation Coach, Forgiveness Coach, and Positive Energy Specialist

Being a Coach has led me to a fulfilling and purposeful life. Knowing who I am and why I do my best work has raised my life to levels of joy, and confidence I only dreamed about as a young woman.
Today, as a seasoned coach and entrepreneur, I bring to my clients the passion, techniques, and know-how that allows them to advance beyond their current situation, to reach levels of engagement, mindfulness, and love.
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Why Invest In Transformational Coaching?


• Master techniques to achieve life/work balance

• Skills that uncover hidden emotional pain

• Develop mindsets for stress management

• Develop emotional awareness and accountability

• Learn techniques on how to efficiently forgive

• Solution based approach to life and work

"Due to your service I have a new way of viewing ‘life’. Before, I was constantly depressed, anxious, and carrying an unconscious load of stress I was perpetuating upon myself. Currently, I trust myself and the decisions I make regarding my future; especially living my life as who ‘I’ choose to be, rather than the expectations others may have about me. My new friendships know me as ‘me’, and I feel fully accepted. One of the most important lessons I discovered though this Coaching was that only I have the power to change who I am, and that I must accept others without judging who they are. Thank you with all my heart for your help, guidance, and support."


"I worked with Yolanda Weisman for three months. Within four weeks of following the program/instructions/techniques, I started to see and feel concrete results. I can now say that I was able to go from an insecure person in my work-relationship with my boss to a person that now has been given a promotion in my job! I am grateful and happy with my results."

Marcela J.

"I have been working with Yolanda Weisman on my Inner Bonding process. I can honestly say this is the best thing that has happened to me! This work has helped me to know myself, to love myself. I feel free and very happy. Every time I have a meeting with Yolanda, I feel like a 100-lb weight is taken off of me! She is a very professional, kind, and loving person. Her work with people is amazing! I highly recommend her. "

Ana D.

"To my advantage, I have the blessing of knowing about HLT - Coaching which I strongly recommend to everyone! As a result of participating in their coaching sessions I have understood that everything in my mind depends on my faith and efforts. I'm constantly designing my life with my conscious thoughts; this has completely changed my way of thinking. Now I feel more confident, positive, and even more beautiful. I have had the opportunity to evaluate my-self, and the various aspects of me that I didn't like. I realized that permanent gratefulness, and that loving my-self is a blessing for my life. If I don´t know how to solve something, I now have assertive tools to transform, improve, change, and renovate the circumstances in my life. Nowadays, I have clarified my mission in life. I know whoI am, and I have declared clear and strong goals for my future. I feel hopeful, blessed, and thankful with with God, and with life for this life motivating/changing guidance."

Paola A.
Bogota - Colombia


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