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The Creative Process

I am deeply passionate about bringing to the world more creativity, joy, and the ancient knowledge that elevates our process of Inner Communication™. My name is Steven Weisman, I am a personal communication expert and certified High-Performance coach. I've dedicated my professional career to develop frameworks that integrate and help manifest one's unique and Highest-Self. This is what I call the journey towards The Creative Process!

A spiritually based hands-on transformative-program that develops a lasting and healthy connection to self-identity and all its areas: spouse, family and friends; business; and you relationship with money and abundance that  is crucial to sustain your dreams.

I believe that your current REALITY does not have to be a permanent one...

So, I encourage you to leap forward by clicking the link below and take a step towards your Highest Self. Take the step

"I had trouble concentrating and staying connected with my Higher-Self because of the mental and emotional clutter I carried. I've learned how to keep my energy and focus consistently supporting my goals. I love experiencing new things in life, this program will continue to make a huge difference for me."


"Your expert method has helped me develop a new way of viewing ‘life’. Before, I was constantly depressed, anxious, and carrying an unconscious load of stress I was perpetuating upon myself. Currently, I trust myself and the decisions I make regarding my future; especially living my life as who ‘I’ choose to be, rather than the expectations others may have about me. My new friendships know me as ‘me’, and I feel fully accepted."

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