For over 15 years, Hope • Love • Tools has been developing programs based on the trans-formative learning theory. Based on this principle, personal experience is an integral part of the learning process for adults, we know that trans-formative learning leads towards the ability to create long-term fundamental personal change.

Hope • Love • Tools provides our clients with the rare opportunity to assimilate both trans-formative training --based on science-- as well as mystical teachings. By intertwining these two schools of thought we’ve developed a method that enables us to assess the psychological, conviction, and behavioral dimensions of our clients.

Through our Coaching Programs our clients use specific tools that help them perceive beyond their daily issues, hurts, and struggles. This facilitates personal transformation and leads to the understanding of the deeper levels of meaning behind personal experiences. Our clients also receive practical and spiritual tools that enable them to develop and change from within.

We believe that those who can change themselves can change the world!

Hope • Love • Tools methods use modern, innovative coaching processes that approach the human interaction of body and mind in clear and practical ways. We've combined modern psychology techniques with ancient spiritual wisdom, to develop a clear blueprint to support our clients objectives. This process leads our students through deeper levels of self-understanding, meaning, and reconciliation with their life purpose.

Guiding and teaching our clients in a safe environment allows them to experience a profound interpretation of their self-identity; this level of honesty allows students to identify and neutralize stubborn habits which no longer serve their life-goals. Remarkable stories and experiences are created during our 12 weeks coaching programs; ultimately, leading to a strong supportive system that allows students to choose their new roadmap to their personal dreams and objectives. This process enables our clients to recognize what makes them feel stuck...and what is blocking their progress towards achieve concrete results...making this the single most pervasive reason why our students join our programs.

Our commitment is to lead you towards higher levels of confidence! Subsequently, you will learn to accept and experience greater levels of joy, and engagement in your life. This reconnects you to a deeper sense of purpose in your relationships, your career, and your dreams.

Invest today in what will be your greatest triumph: mastery and development of your unique qualities!

All our coaching programs prepare students through 12 lessons. For 12 weeks, every student will receive a 1 hr. of strategic, exploratory session, materials, and one-on-one time with a certified program expert.





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"Your expert method has helped me develop a new way of viewing ‘life’. Before, I was constantly depressed, anxious, and carrying an unconscious load of stress I was perpetuating upon myself. Currently, I trust myself and the decisions I make regarding my future; especially living my life as who ‘I’ choose to be, rather than the expectations others may have about me. My new friendships know me as ‘me’, and I feel fully accepted."

Irene C.
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