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Effecting Change Through Transmutation of Consciousness

It was a rainy Thursday morning, and I remember being filled with heavy emotions and thoughts that kept me up all night and affected my performance at work. This happened some time ago,  when I'd wake up saturated with feelings of despondency and sometimes even pain. These were augmented by an overworked, undisciplined mental body. Literally, I could not find my north. Any of this sound familiar? This was a problem that took a heavy toll on me. I knew I had to be productive, and being conscious of what I had to create to serve my community, both on and off-line, I was determined to find a solution to this personal, inner-tendency and its effects.

I took action and did what I felt was necessary; I searched for answers in the marketplace. I bought a couple of self-transformation courses and self-help books. I attended a couple of seminars on the subject as well, even completed multiple therapy sessions to 'resolve' any associated traumas playing out through this condition. All this helped. However, I didn't find a permanent solution or became enlightened by true understanding of why this tendency came to be for me. I was fed up. I decided to further investigate my own psyche and embarked on a journey of self-reconnaissance. I began to document my own internal patterns to a wide gamete of external experiences; it was powerful! I felt I was getting results and answers to my questions, so I began to include this topic and strategy to gauge its effectiveness with my coaching and consulting clients at the time. My research and experiences confirmed that change of any part of my internal mechanics of self, directly correlated to external changes of circumstances in my life; this process is the result of transmutation of consciousness. This knowledge is not in any way new, and has been documented throughout history. What's exciting for me now, is that I am living the truth of these principles today!

What does this all really mean? Before we dive into this profound experience, I'd like to share a glimpse of why I have journeyed down this path, and an honest start is required. This tendency affected my performance and diluted any sense of mindfulness i'd developed. My emotional and mental patterns were affecting me often. As I progressed, I felt that as my intensity and determination increased in finding a permanent solution to these 'mood swings' or tendencies, my ego consciousness lashed out more loudly. This is why a person experiences at first high levels of resistance when attempting to change an area of their lives. This is a normal human response to change. At first, I did't understand what led me into an inner chaotic state of affairs, for I have studied and applied principles of psychology, therapy, and coaching to resolve these tendencies. I chose the word chaotic for it symbols not only the tension, but also the unrestrained warring of my own inner team during these episodes. Truly, it was taxing; my body felt as if I was swimming through jelly, and both my mind and emotions felt as if I was wired into multiple currents of electricity that jolted me to my core. 

A daily struggle ensued; achieving constancy and also a clear sense of identity. This research has led me to a profound evaluation of my myself. Reaching deeper dimensions of self-understanding is the path towards resolution of any ailments and tensions in life. In this awareness, I focused all my attention on road-mapping the process that resolves these internal tendencies.

So, first, what is transmutation of consciousness? It is the process of re-polarization of your magnetic field, which rules the energetic frequencies that flows through your body, mind, and emotions. This flow of energy is governed by the laws of magnetism which consists of two polar opposites; plus (+), effecting attraction, and minus (-), effecting repulsion. We can all find ourselves along this magnetic continuum, and where ever you happen to find yourself along this continuum, is determined by your energetic polarity. Recognizing this basic universal law, I evaluated my own personal polarity, and determined to be more inclined with the minus (-) polarity. This is what is commonly defined as negatively charged energies or being negative. In other words, my own thoughts and feelings were polar opposite to the goals I held for my future goals and dreams for growth, health, success, and freedom.

I realized at that moment that as long as my magnetic field remained charged with tendencies and frequencies of the minus (-) polarity, I would continue to experience the effects for this minus (-) polarity which can be adverse.

Change is effectively achieved when we transmute one polarity for another. This occurs at the level of consciousness, which directly affects one's subconscious and unconscious tendencies as a result. Let's put it this way, consciousness is the larger container for the compartments we define as the subconscious and the unconscious. Habits influence behavior, and these become highly charged by the plus (+) or (-) tendencies through repetition which is constantly recorded in these compartments of consciousness. So, as a person associates a positive or negative polarity to an experience, habit patterns develop, thus, guiding their responses to these experiences. I am not a victim to my past or to my future because of this process. I have understood and taken responsibility for my own faulty inner mechanics since I put them in place. What has become most hopeful is knowing there is a way I can show others to methodically achieve their desired transformations both of self and their circumstances. I have done so for myself by uprooting the cause of my own internal confusion that reverberated through my own consciousness.

A deeper understanding of this process, led me to realize that my feelings and mental associations were highly charged with a minus (-) polarity throughout most of my adult life. Resulting in an increased resistance within me that sustained the problem, and made change more difficult. Looking back my most common mistake, and one I observe others making as well, is trying to change the effects associated with our behavior and tendencies, rather than  the cause generating them. Change for me has occurred at a faster rate since I faced my own psychological mechanics using this process. This has allowed me to explore my own associations and directly tackle the causes sustaining the negative (-) polarity behind my experiences and outcomes. 

Makes sense? Well, you may not get this at first, but know this; every attempt I took towards change failed due to a lack of a strong foundation. For many years, every attempt to transform myself was in vain, but not fruitless, making frustration a normal experience. Through this process of Energy Management that It became clear to me, that as long as the energy and frequency leading my mental, emotional, physical, and also spiritual energy remained charged with a minus (-) polarity (which effects are repulsion), my attempts to change would be inefficient and thus remain elusive. Transmutation of consciousness has allowed me and countless others to re-polarize their own magnetic fields, and therefore, achieve their desired results in their lives. So, the main objective is to first re-polarize the energies (thoughts and feelings) associated with the specific area of your life you are seeking change, for example relationships. All energy associated with this topic (relationships) in your magnetic field must eventually be transmuted into the plus (+) polarity to affect change in this area.

Be mindful that external influences may affect your own consciousness and magnetic fields. Knowing the difference between your own internal tendencies and that of others is key to maintaining your own momentum and sustained levels of vitality. It is your choice to live a life of repulsion or attraction by learning and practicing these basic yet powerful principles in your life.


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