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Do you know what triggers you?

I know resolving destructive psychological conditions may be very difficult, and not knowing where or how to start is a big setback for many people. I understand and relate to how you feel; to your inner-struggle; and more deeply, to your innate desire to overcome these patterns. I'd like to help you understand and develop the knowledge that will guide you through these life conditions, and ultimately help you accomplish resolution. Also, I acknowledge how costly setbacks can be when you are trying to move forward, break habits, and build confidence in the process. For this reason, I'd like to add a bit of insight and love into your life through this article.

First of all, do you know what triggers you? So let us start by defining: what is an event trigger? Well, a trigger is a cause for a situation or event to happen or exist. According to the website https://psychcentral.com/ a psychological trigger “is something that sets off a memory tape or flashback transporting the person back to the event of her/his original trauma. Triggers are very personal; different things trigger different people. For example, a soldier "may begin to avoid situations and stimuli that she/he thinks triggered the flashback” to the original event.

This definition and example serve as a starting point. I am referring to psychological triggers such as thoughts, memories, and emotions that stimulate or depreciate a person's outlook, passion, and drive for life. For instance, a modern day example of a trigger is road rage. So, what specific thoughts, and feelings trigger so many into this popular response to others driving? This example may be suitable way to explore your own unique circumstances and triggers to this condition. If, you don’t relate with the road rage example, please explore your own triggers from the perspective of being criticized by someone else like a family member, a co-worker, or your partner. 

These examples are part of an arsenal of circumstances in which I've analyzed (some through experience, and others through personal interviews with someone experiencing these triggers). Fortunately, I’ve experienced triggers at a profound level since I decided to further explore and document this process. My intention has been "to identify the mental and emotional processes set-off by my own triggers. Also, identify the positive and negative responses that follow each trigger." Before disclosing my experiences, I’ll start by sharing a bit my own personal story.

I’ll start with my name and age; I’m Steven, and I'm 46 years old. My family is loud and loving and includes my wife and four daughters. At heart, I am entrepreneur, and when I decided to switch my attention and focus to defining my purpose (my own feeling and thinking processes have strengthened and cleared as I evolve through this journey). I've been curious, so I have attended and graduated from several colleges. Yet, to me, nothing compares to the experiences generated when living consciously from my True or Real Self (new age concept of what soul and spirit comprise of). I am amazed at how much self-understanding I’ve had to submit to in order to precipitate the simple desire to BE and not just DO (this last, I got use to while working in corporate America for many years).

Clear thinking and clear feeling are concepts many today do not know how to achieve or maintain. A reactive life-style has emerged instead, and therefore the muscle of self-awareness has been laid forgotten; I believe it is merely dormant and in need to be awakened. Triggers are important when we decide to learn from them, otherwise triggers remain as hidden time bombs that inadvertently shield us from experiencing profound peace and fulfillment in our life.

I have learned to identify and neutralize personal triggers in my own consciousness. From fear to anxiety, to jealousy, to envy, to anger, to lack of confidence. I have navigated through the triggers that set into motion mental and emotional cues behind these psychological experiences. Some of my own triggers were so misplaced and far fetched that I decided to learn from them. So I set out to develop a process to objectify and resolve my own triggers. It’s truly amazing to think back and see how close I came to the precipice of believing that these conditions were a normal part of life, and that avoiding them all together made more sense than permanently finding resolution.

I believe we all have the capacity to work towards something greater than just accruing stuff. A solid commitment is required indeed to breakout of this cycle. So, in order to develop and understand triggers, you basically have first to show up! From here on, the patience and understanding typically follow. For me, passing this stage was difficult at first, yet, I began to understand how for me the constructive effects of unifying strong mental and emotional processes, were gradually translating into ideal conditions in many areas of my life. From this moment on, I realized how to nurture and sustain my own personal growth. Even for this formidable realization a trigger was required, and for me, my heart was that trigger.

I believe an evolution of consciousness is occurring to many people on this planet, even in the midst of so much chaos and distrust between nations, communities, and most intensely within each one individually. Such large amounts of the ancient wisdom and knowledge I have studied and practiced in my life-journey, have been diluted into menial folk stories and outdated traditions from which people cannot experience their intricate and true value. For example, the knowledge of what the heart is capable of sustaining, and its true potentiality for aligning the creative process between the mind, the emotions, and the spirit have been greatly misplaced through this historic degradation. Yet, much of the principles and notions of this ancient wisdom (from east and west alike) can be activated through self-awareness. Imagine developing right within you a connection, a sense of being that is a powerful tool for aligning yourself with your heart's energy and unique life purpose...truly, just imagine.

After this brief exploration of the origins of this theoretical approach, let us further understand how triggers work. Let's take anger and pain, two adjacent feelings that are for many the underlying emotions shaping their life. Is this a coincidence? I believe it’s not a coincidence but rather the effect of the misuse of the creative process of thought. Triggers, then, are the reflection of the unattended layers of baggage, of heavy burden many are convinced is a normal in life, because they've become accustomed to the thoughts that trigger them, and the experiences resulting from these thoughts.

Responsibility is key, for no one can do for another what is intended for each one to do for themselves, especially acquiring self-understanding and knowledge. What can be done right now? Let us start by striving to become someone that challenges the misconstrued processes of thought and feeling within us first. If this is not done, we strengthen the incorrect belief systems that perpetuate one's triggers. Not resolving this condition keeps a person in bondage and debt to the cause and the effect of their own triggers; something I'll describe as a self-perpetuating pattern or cycle.

Let liven up; consider a time in your life when you experienced everything was working great, just like a 'well oiled machine': your mind, your emotions, your body, and your spirit were all firing on all cylinders and working clearly towards a specific purpose. Do do you remember of such a time? If you do, write the process down in a journal which I suggest you cherish, guard, and perfect through daily repetition.

On the other hand, if you are unable to remember a time of synchronized mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual clarity, I believe the following causes may be at the core of what prevents a person to identify, understand, and resolve their triggers. First, over-saturation of stimuli resulting from technology overload, something I call 'Digital Addiction'. Subsequently, undernourishment resulting from improper diet and lack of hydration. Lastly, lack of intense physical activities and sleep.

The initial step that engages a person in resolving psychological triggers is the honest desire to develop self-awareness. When this step is followed by a sense of ownership for every personal trigger, courage is developed. The importance of nurturing the initial step, and sets into motion the foundation that leads builds lasting resolution and fulfillment through change.

I don't believe the words fulfillment and change are used enough in the same sentence, but I feel they complement each other greatly. The reason for this, is that every process leading towards change, contains the knowledge and wisdom each one of us requires to feel accomplished and fulfilled. So, trust yourself more openly because this develops courage to endure the journey. Keep your focused attention on each step of the process, and believe that this will lead you more fiercely into self-awareness... I do.

Is it time for you to decide today that you are someone who is ready to take right action? Someone who is committed to breaking free from the bondage to destructive psychological triggers? Only if you are, please  Sing Up for Free Here.



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