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Releasing The Shadow Self

We've all experienced the resistance that drives us from pursuing beyond the norm, the comfortable. When a person becomes uncomfortable with avoiding confrontation and self-evaluation, they begin to give themselves the opportunity of knowing their greatest strengths. The force behind this resistance I mention is identified as the shadow self. In some form or another, we all have this variation of self; always disguised as part of our own identity. The shadow self seeks to remain as is; self-serving and always unwilling to change for it craves power and influence over the mind. As if it were a hidden mechanism, the shadow self entwines with one's personality through the unconscious. Foolishly, from a young age we often learn to consciously believe that it is part of the true nature of self, and that we can control its influences by avoiding it; this is a mistake.

For me, the shadow self is defined as the accumulation of...

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