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Effecting Change Through Transmutation of Consciousness

It was a rainy Thursday morning, and I remember being filled with heavy emotions and thoughts that kept me up all night and affected my performance at work. This happened some time ago,  when I'd wake up saturated with feelings of despondency and sometimes even pain. These were augmented by an overworked, undisciplined mental body. Literally, I could not find my north. Any of this sound familiar? This was a problem that took a heavy toll on me. I knew I had to be productive, and being conscious of what I had to create to serve my community, both on and off-line, I was determined to find a solution to this personal, inner-tendency and its effects.

I took action and did what I felt was necessary; I searched for answers in the marketplace. I bought a couple of self-transformation courses and self-help books. I attended a couple of seminars on the subject as well, even completed multiple therapy...

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