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Three Lessons Learned as I Journey Towards my Kids

Fifteen months ago I quit my job, and left behind a corporate all consuming life-style. I worked for one of the biggest broadcasting companies in the world. I made television programs; well, I was in the assembly chain that connected the dots which puts TV content in-front of people just like you. I was in the News division of this media giant. It was fun, it paid well, and best of all it was challenging. Here's the first conflict of this story: I was and felt comfortable, quite sure actually, and this notion made me uncomfortable. Regardless of this feeling I kept at it, you know with one's 'nose to the grinder'. Yet, one warm spring morning nearly three years ago my first-born daughter turned eleven years old. Everything did not change for me that bright sunny day; but I began to realize that the people. the food, the music, even the wind and the blue sky above clothed me not with it's usual tidings.

I was aware and felt dumbfounded at how rapidly time went by. For the past few...

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