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The First Skill my Clients Must Learn is Honesty

Why Honesty?

Simple really; because no one can see past their own self-imposed beliefs. Honesty is the antidote that awakens us after biting the magic apple per se. Belief is a powerful energy that acts as an inhibitor or an accelerator depending on its polarity. Imagine a magnet which has two separate and opposite polarities; just as the earth has the north and south poles. Magnetic attraction or magnetic repulsion are the two possible effects from a magnetic field. Very much so, the magnetic energy carried by thoughts, beliefs, and feelings attracts or repulses positive or negative energy fields depending on the individual's leading polarity.

Actively engaging in personal honesty (with self and others), has helped me transform my own polarities. A quick example has been behaving as a reactive person in my youth (unconscious action), and transforming into a mindful and conscious observer of myself. Honesty is a...

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Do you know what triggers you?

I know resolving destructive psychological conditions may be very difficult, and not knowing where or how to start is a big setback for many people. I understand and relate to how you feel; to your inner-struggle; and more deeply, to your innate desire to overcome these patterns. I'd like to help you understand and develop the knowledge that will guide you through these life conditions, and ultimately help you accomplish resolution. Also, I acknowledge how costly setbacks can be when you are trying to move forward, break habits, and build confidence in the process. For this reason, I'd like to add a bit of insight and love into your life through this article.

First of all, do you know what triggers you? So let us start by defining: what is an event trigger? Well, a trigger is a cause for a situation or event to happen or exist. According to the website https://psychcentral.com/ a psychological trigger “is something that sets off a memory tape or flashback transporting the...

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