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Decoding The Impostor Syndrome: 5 Keys for Resolution

Renown Georgia State professor, Pauline Rose Clance defines Impostorism as: "the experience of feeling incompetent and of having deceived others about one's abilities." This is a destructive and debilitating definition to identify with. Surprisingly, this condition is quite common. In his 2016 study, researcher Sandeep Ravindran estimated that a whopping 70 percent of the population, "will experience the symptoms and tendencies of impostorism at least once in their life." This is an extremely high number considering the large scope of research associated with the topic. Historically, 'Impostorism' is commonly associated with workplace settings and successful individuals within this setting. I believe this condition can also be used to explain how similar patterns affect individuals regardless of success or achievements in the workplace. Mainly, I believe this framework can support strategic personal development growth outcomes.

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