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A Toxic Work Culture Transformed: Finding the Innovator in You!

Looking back to summer 2015, I was experiencing profound change at work. I was starting to train who was to become my full-time replacement. I’ve always felt as an innovator, and working with a Newsroom team of over 60 people focused on meeting deadlines changed me forever. Being part of a team requires a specific mindset. A productive team environment requires patience and consistency in the approach that builds and establishes practical workflows for an organization.

At the time, my accountabilities in the newsroom included managing computer systems and digital media storage frameworks. My responsibilities were changing, since a few weeks before summer started, I‘d been offered a new role within the organization. My career in the communication Industry spans for more than 20 years. I’ve had the pleasure of leading teams along the way, making this new role, a challenge I felt comfortable with.

So, the real challenge of my new role was to coalesce a team, and...

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