A breakthrough program 100 percent designed and focused on your overall well-being. You can achieve this by  reconnecting  with the power of your internal life-energy. As the name suggests, this energy is found within each of us; you do not have to go anywhere or take anything to access it. Right now, it is flowing in what I call the Four Pillars of Being: your Spiritual, Mental, Emotional, and Physical bodies.

Every pillar is independent from each other. Yet, it is their balanced interaction which leads to real and definitive personal transformation, growth, fulfillment, and a clear definition of your self-identity. 




• 12 session/1 hour per week of comprehensive coaching, training, and exploration of your intuitive dialogue. Define your inner Communication style, and tap your higher mind's creative energy to raise your self-confidence.

• Strategically use the Inner Communication™ process to overcome stress and confusion as you exercise control of your body, mind, and emotions.

• Learn the exact strategies I use to manage and raise my own creative-energy flow. These clear strategies subsequently increase the performance levels of the four pillars of being; productivity, vitality, and consistency.

• Master advanced strategies to manage the creative-energy flow in your four pillars of being; create the freedom and vitality that lead body and soul to lasting wellness and mindfulness.

• Get immediate results by re-energizing your power of choice, honesty, and personal accountability. Understand the nature of fear, doubt, and confusion; break through these destructive emotional habits impacting your highest levels of performance.

• Gain clarity of purpose, and effectively learn to recognize and redefine your self-identity; leading to congruence with your personal values and life-goals.


with Miyako Hazama, CEO Best-In-Me-Academy


Experience the power and transformation Miyako Hazama, CEO, Best-In-Me-Academy has reached.

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Steven Weisman, MA, EMC, CHPC


We are all uniquely qualified and gifted beings. I have come to experience that it's the skills and mastery over the life-energy process that's materialized my desired results in specific areas of my life: relationships, service, wealth, and health.

Our tried and proven methodology incorporates scientific Communication principles, High Performance principles, Buddhist Psychology principles, and over 20 years of experience in the corporate communication field. All coming together to support your journey and reintegration with the highest version of your self.

I have one question for you: "Are you ready to remove the energy blocks that keep you stuck and unrealized in areas of your life? 

For this, I believe one must approach time passionately. For more than 20 years I've developed my own voice through the Inner Communication process. I have extended this wisdom to my family, friends, and clients.

To maintain clarity of purpose in an oversaturated informational world, it was necessary for me to combine eastern philosophies and modern science techniques, to connect with the creative force-field that surrounds us all.

Modern Quantum science has begun to identify this energy fields in every living organism. Life-energy management has changed the scope and dimension of every interaction I experience in my life; even the shortest visit to the market is an opportunity to elevate myself and others. In mastering the Inner Communication Method™ I have achieved sustained peace, honesty, patience, and purpose of heart (the center of it all). 

Most importantly, I choose daily to live from the notion that the time granted to me is an opportunity and a blessing; to work and help others create the highest version of their life as well. This is the legacy I strive to leave for others.

Teaching you how to master the notion of 'knowing thyself' is my mission. This formula can be learned and applied by anyone who methodically follows the 'Creative Process'; which is the correct use and synergy between the power of imagination, emotion, and committed action.

I believe we create and experience the circumstances that appear as positive or negative in our lives. We do this when we use life-energy in each pillar of being; each pillar is a component of the Circle of Being and the creative process. Understanding how the creative process works is the primary benefit of this unique program.

Another key benefit of the Inner Communication Blueprint™ is developing the ability to access higher levels of energy and focus at will. This method teaches you how to support strong-constructive mindsets and emotional intelligence; two important components of the framework that sustain the consistent flow of life-energy in you.

The life experiences that have cultivated in me the wisdom to navigate and out-rival momentums of destructive fear, self-doubt, emotional pain, physical and mental discomfort; are the same principles I've used to develop this breakthrough process.

Regardless of the Coaching Program you decide is best for you right now, these programs are designed to profoundly impact your life's journey, which can be summed up as:

Honesty + Energy = Transformation

Seemingly ordinary life-journeys turned into an extraordinary ones. Magic and tangible personal transformations have been the consistent outcome of the Hope•Love•Tools powerful coaching method. I've learned and developed strategic formulas to bring others the power of transformation; a transformation that breaks the shackle of codependency and leads your efforts to the highest version of your life. I believe that everyone, innately, can experience the transcendental effects of this coaching method.

So, when you allow yourself to openly experience transformation consistently, you will step-by-step learn to master the tools and techniques that I have mastered as well.

You are worth the time, effort, and hope that increasingly builds self-reliance. In my experience, there is nothing greater than to know that you can.



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