• 12 session/1 hour per week of comprehensive coaching and training of the six pillars of high performance. 

• Learn how the most accomplished and influential people THINK.

• Exact strategies to manage your emotions and keep your passions and purpose alive.

• How to define your purpose, get rid of distraction, and FINALLY gain momentum in life

• The number one secret you MUST follow to have more INFLUENCE with people.

• Why most people fail at managing their time and day.







that explore how you can reach heightened and sustained levels of performance and potential in your life. As a Certified Coach, my job is to work with you in this process through five different areas: Clarity, Energy, Courage, Productivity, and Influence. By developing a sense of mastery in these areas, you'll begin to feel and lead a more purposeful and fulfilling life. 

Our Interactions are designed to help you reach more of what you want! Developing your true authenticity, greater discipline, and increase your willingness to learn about yourself in each of these five areas or Pillars of High Performance.

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Steven Weisman, MA, EMC, CHPC


We are all uniquely qualified and gifted beings. I have come to experience that it's the skills and mastery over the mind and the emotions that's  transformed my actions into the desired results or dharma in specific areas of my life: relationships, service, wealth, and health.

Our tried and proven methodology incorporates scientific Communication principles, High Performance principles, Buddhist Psychology principles, and over 20 years of experience in the corporate communications field. All coming together to support your journey and reintegration with the highest version of your self.

I have one question for you: "Are you ready to remove the blocks that keep you stuck and unrealized in specific areas of your life? 

For this, I believe one must approach time passionately. For over 20 years I've searched, studied, and experienced multiple philosophies to attain clarity of purpose in my life.  I began to combine eastern philosophies and modern science techniques to activate the highest creative potential in my life.

Most importantly, I choose daily to live from the notion that the time granted to me is an opportunity and a blessing; to work and help others create the highest version of their life as well. This is the legacy I strive to leave for others.

Teaching you how to master the notion of 'knowing thyself' is my mission. This formula can be learned and applied by anyone who methodically follows the 'Creative Process'; which is the correct use and synergy between the power of imagination, emotion, and committed action.

I believe we create and experience the circumstances that appear as positive or negative in our lives. We do this when we use life-energy in each pillar of being; each pillar is a component of the Circle of Being and the creative process. Understanding how the creative process works is the primary benefit of this unique program.

The life experiences that have cultivated in me the wisdom to navigate and out-rival momentums of destructive fear, self-doubt, emotional pain, physical and mental discomfort; are the same principles I've used to develop this breakthrough process.

Regardless which of the Coaching Program you decide is best for you right now, our programs are designed to profoundly impact your life's journey, where seemingly ordinary life-journeys turned into an extraordinary experiences.

Inspirational and moving personal transformations have been the consistent outcome of the Hope•Love•Tools certified coaching methods. I've learned and developed strategic formulas to bring others the power of transformation; a transformation that breaks the shackle of codependency and supports your immediate efforts to become and manifest the highest version of your life. I believe that everyone, innately, can experience the transcendental effects of our coaching methods.

It is time to allow yourself to openly experience self-transformation more consistently. With HLT you will learn step-by-step methods, and how to apply the tools and techniques that I have mastered along this journey.

You are worth the time, effort, and hope that increasingly builds self-reliance and self-awareness. In my experience, there is nothing greater than to know that you can.


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