"The tragedy of life is what dies inside a man while he lives.""

Albert Einstein

Steven Weisman, MA, EMC, CHPC

Are you ready to shatter the stumbling blocks keeping you stuck in any given area of your life?

I ask this question because I believe you possess the qualities and unique, but untapped expertise that've prepare you for this moment in time: excelling beyond your own perceived limitations! I'm talking about limitations such as doubt, fear, and countless other nagging emotions that unfortunately we've all come to accept as real in our life-experience.

What inspires my passion? 

I believe we all want higher and better outcomes in our lives. True? Yes of course! At some level, we all desire love, more income-streams, better quality friendships, higher energy, and a consistent sense peace and physical well-being. These are universal goals we share one way or another.

However, we must first accept and realize that the reality we desire, is often opposite to what we actually experience in our relationships, our health, our wealth, and our personal fulfillment overall. Yet, it's ok if you find yourself in this exact place feeling not so great about yourself. I've lived it!

What is my area of expertise?

• First, I train students on how-to decipher and clarify what they truly desire in four key areas of their self-identity.

• Second, I train students how to decipher what is holding them back in these key areas of their lives.

For this reason, I've dedicated my professional career to learning and developing transformative programs so that others can also pursue their highest potential as I have. 

I work with students and show them how to turn-off their (I Can't) limiting belief systems. You'll be amazed how many people believe and feel that they are not good enough; or just tired of giving up on their dreams because of this or that circumstance. With the right knowledge and tools, I believe we can all emerge more confident, and reliant on our own strengths.

How do I accomplish this? 

After many years of development, application, and testing, I incorporated multiple behavioral frameworks and spiritual methodologies into a comprehensive step-by-step program I entitled:

The Creative Process 

Personally, I consistently use the principles of the Creative Process to decipher and resolve my own inner roadblocks (when these show-up), and therefore, create new pathways of belief and action that are congruent with my dreams and highest potential.

My desire is to teach you how-to-do the same.

The Framework for the Creative Process is the result of incorporating principles of communication theory, high performance principles, and principles from both traditional and Buddhist psychology.

Who can benefit from this program? 

Everyone can benefit from this program, but if you are someone who is struggling with nagging emotional and mental patterns this program is for you. I've worked and trained people on how-to divest from the nagging Impostor Syndrome, Excessive Negative Self-Talk, Not Being Enough Syndrome, Indecision, and Insecurity among others. Also, this program is for you if you desire to do better in your chosen path and career. More importantly, if you are ready to decode (resolve and release) any hidden (or known) issues and conditions keeping you from leaping forward...this program is for you ! So, get excited!

The Creative Process is an ideal platform to create and expand your life-long confidence and conviction in YOU and your DEAMS. Dare to believe that you can live life on your own terms, because you can! Imagine inspiring your family and friends to do something better, to become more of who they want to be. Plus, influence others to give back more of the great qualities they have to offer.

Mastering the Creative Process has allowed me to achieve some key aspects in my life:

• Clear purpose and lasting-peace

• A deep sense of patience and self-honesty

• Fulfilling long-term relationships

• My ideal and comfortable lifestyle

Is this what you want? Is this what you've envision for your life? or more? That's why I'm here! That's why i'm showing up for you. I believe you can do this too! These are the same principles I've given my family, close friends, and clients throughout the years so they can  feel whole once again by reconnecting with their Highest-Self. It's that simple and within your grasp to propel your own journey forward. I believe in you because i've learned how-to consistently believe in myself; yes, the power of inner-transformation and creativity is already within you. 

This is your moment! So, remember that not doing something about your future today, will lead to more of what you already experienced in the past, and perhaps don't want any longer in you life.

You are worth it! Frankly, there is no greater confidence builder than to know that you can, and that you don't have to do it alone. Fill out the form below to start your Higher-Self-Growth with me.

Blessings be upon you and your chosen journey always.

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