Steven Weisman, MA, EMC, CHPC

I have one question for you: Are you ready to move beyond the roadblocks keeping you stuck in some areas of your life?

I ask this question because I believe each of us has qualities and gifts that make us unique. Yet, it's specific skills and mastery over strategic habits that help a person excel past their own perceived limitations. I'm talking about doubt and fear, and the nagging emotions associated with Impostorism.

Why do I do this? We all want better outcomes in every area of our lives. True? Yes of course! We all want more love, more money, more health and energy. However, we abruptly come to realize that the reality we desire is quite different to what we experience in our relationships, our health, our wealth, and personal fulfillment overall.

This is my area of expertise; helping people decipher what they really want. So, I decided to teach people all around the world about how to overcome the common idea that disconnects them from their own power: believing that you can't!

Too many people have come to accept this belief. I am passionate about helping you figure this out, and teach you the process of how you can achieve all your personal milestones.

How do I do this? After numerous years of trial and error, I effectively fused multiple behavioral concepts and spiritual methodologies into a cohesive step-by-step method to solve my own inner roadblocks, and therefore create my own path. Today, I want to teach you how-to-do the same.

The Inner Communication™ Program is the result of incorporating communication theory principles, high performance principles, and Buddhist psychology principles.

Who can benefit from this program? I created this program for people who are struggling with debilitating emotional and mental symptoms, such as those behind the Impostor Syndrome. More importantly, this program is for you if you are ready to decode (resolve and heal) this condition.

This Coaching Program is ideal for you if you want to be, feel, and have and expand the confidence to live life on your own terms. Imagine inspiring your family and friends to do something better, to be something more, just imagine.

Mastering the Inner Communication™ method has allowed me to achieve sustained peace, deeper honesty, patience, life-purpose, and a fulfilling lifestyle. Is this what you want for your life? That's why I'm here for you! That's why I show up, because I believe you can do this too! These are the same principles I teach my family, friends, and clients to elevate their own journey.

The Inner Communication™ Program's framework is simple:

Honesty + Energy + Plan = Your Transformation

The power of personal transformation is yours. Learning to accept this notion breaks the shackles of codependency, fear, and low self-esteem behind the Impostor Syndrome

Cultivate with me the wisdom to navigate and out-rival momentums of destructive fear, self-doubt, and emotional pain that increase physical and mental discomfort.

This is your moment! So, boldly allow yourself to experience this transformative journey using my proven step-by-step process. Not doing anything will lead to more of the same.

You are worth every effort to design and become who you really want to be. Frankly, there is no greater confidence builder than to know that you can do this.

"The tragedy of life is what dies inside a man while he lives.""

Albert Einstein




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