The Creative Process is a breakthrough framework designed to clarify and streamline your growth. Enabling you to define and work through root psychological/spiritual conditions that keep you stuck. Here's some of the incredible results my students are achieving through this transformative program:

• Psychological reintegration through a stronger definition of self-identity. 

• Clarity and courage to define what you want, how you'll achieve these goals, and to believe that you are enough.

This step-by-step framework is designed to reconnect your Four Pillars of Energy: Mental, Emotional, Spiritual, and Physical body to the innate power of your Higher Self.

Is this not the time to create the freedom you seek inside and out? Let's work together to achieve this and more of your dreams. 

About me 

Steven Weisman, MA, EMC, CHPC


Additional Program Features

Strategically use the Creative Process to uncover and neutralize fears and shame associated with Impostorism. Taking control over your body, mind, and emotions to reach new goals.

Learn the exact strategies I use to manage and raise my own creative-energy flow. Strategies that subsequently increase consistency and awareness of your Higher Self.

Experience your Higher Self by  breaking-free from nagging emotional dependencies, habits, and triggers that hold your confidence and true-identity hostage.

What students are saying about the Creative Process Framework:

Ana D. Seattle, Washington


"empowerment and transformation for life"

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